Global Fire Protection Pakistan / Tel : +92-37496537 Mob:+92-322-4133095

Global Fire Protection Pakistan / Tel : +92-37496537 Mob:+92-322-4133095

Some of Our Products and services 1. Fire Extinguishers and Re-fillings 2. Complete Fire Fighting Equipment, installation and maintenance Services 3. Complete Safety Equipment, installation and maintenance Services 4. Complete Security Equipment and installation Services WE BELIEVE THAT EVERY PERSON HAVE RIGHT TO GET BENEFIT WHO BRING BUSINESS TO US. If you require any further information, feel free to contact us. Best Regards, Muhammad Tahir +92(300/322)4133095

Who We Are

GLOBAL FIRE's Maintenance division is one of the most important and active division in this company, wherein this division carries out periodically maintenance services for all types of fire equipments or systems which are imported and installed by GLOBAL FIRE or by other company

GLOBAL FIRE Maintenance Division has an integrated work team and that is to guarantee our competence and credibility, to achieve the highest level of quality and to keep our trust relationship with clients. Therefore, we guarantee the systems in operational condition in case of any emergency.


Global Fire Overview

Fire Fighting & Safety Equipments

Globsl is an ISO9001 certified company and specialize in fire-fighting equipment in the Pakistan.

Global has a long standing established reputation for pioneering innovation ever since its foundation in 2007.

Global with its innovative approach provides the entire gamut of products that caters to the needs of the Fire Protection and Fire Fighting industry. This makes Global a one-stop-shop for customers, fulfilling their end-to-end needs in products, solutions and services for the industry.

Global continually expands upon its knowledge and services to keep its clients updated with the latest Fire Fighting Technology in the Pakistan. The product range provided by Global confirms and holds approval to international standards.

GLOBAL Since 2007

Pioneer in Fire Fighting Industry

GLOBAL FIRE is a brand name that stands for innovation and excellence. Since it was established in 2007, it has been a pioneer in manufacturing remarkable products and providing services at par with International standards.

GLOBAL FIRE has a lengthy record of pioneering innovation and its products are well known in the local/international market. GLOBAL FIRE always devotes to produce high quality products with most up-to-date design, meeting all the international standards and sell the same to valued customers across the world

Philosophy of Excellence

Focused Vision and Mission to Succeed

To save life and property by supplying the best products in Fire Fighting Technology and to expand our operations to serve the global market utilizing the well established infrastructures in the PAKISTAN

To protect and conserve lives and properties from the danger of fire, to be known for reliability, flexibility, responsiveness, innovative products and services, and to crave a clear path towards customer satisfaction; then growth and financial success will naturally follow.

Pillars of Success

Quality Services

With a large number of highly qualified staff, GLOBALFIRE is certified and licensed to supply equipment with its own comprehensive designs, installations, commissioning and maintenance services. GLOBAL FIRE provides excellent after sales service and earns utmost customer satisfaction by providing functional and technical training and support, and by resolving and troubleshooting issues arising at the client site.

Post-Modern Facilities

As global leaders, GLOBAL FIRE believes in Providing quality products and services and extended exceptional service standards in the global market thereby rewarding our customers by keeping their investments safe and secure.

Research and Development

GLOBAL’s Research and Development team is an agile and efficient group that has access to diverse scientific skills and expertise globally. Our research resources allow us to quickly investigate and integrate new technical areas of expertise. Our team of products experts and quality control associates collaborate closely with certifying bodies, government regulatory, technology associations, suppliers and other partners from across the globe, to build innovative and beneficial products and technologies for all our areas of operation.

Scope of Work

3-decades of expertise in fire fighting field

Design and Manufacturing

GLOBAL FIRE, with its 08 years of experience has always been a progressive organization that has remained in the forefront of the Fire Fighting Industry with innovative, unconventional, environmental friendly, reengineered and unique products.

Supply and Installation

GLOBAL FIRE is a one-stop-shop for all Fire Protection and Fighting products and supplies its entire gamut of products globally.

GLOBAL FIRE installs the required fire safety equipments in the client premises as per the approved drawings and specifications.

Testing and Commissioning

GLOBAL pre-tests and post-tests the product working and specification before and after installation. Test runs are run for commissioning of the product. Demo/Training of how these Fire Safety Equipments works is as well arranged.


GLOBAL FIRE provides AMC for all the Fire Safety Equipments, which will include regular visit to client premises to check the working condition of the Fire Equipments/Devices Installed.

What We Are Doing

Our Products

FIRE ALARM SYSTEMS-Addressable & conventaional fire Alarm system

Conventional & Addressable Fire Alarm system
Conventional & Addressable Fire Alarm System
Conventional & Addressable Fire Alarm System
Conventional & Addressable Fire Alarm System

PERSONAL SAFETY-Safety Helmats, Safety Gloves,Safety Shoes,Safety Googles Etc...

All round head protection, protects the head from every angle.Extremely comfortable Twist Lok™ wheel ratchet.
Made with Genuine Cow Leather Available in all sizesSteel Toe PU Injected Sole Inside Lining
A few occupations requiring high impact protection in eyewear include Carpenters,Plumbers,pipe fitters,Machinists,Millwrights,Laborers
A professional-quality full-face mask.Ideal design for using secondary air source
Made of 10-cut medium weight cotton/polyester blend with a natural rubber coating provides outstanding abrasion resistance
NOMAX Fire Fighting Suit.Double cloase front, Velcro fixing device and safety zipper.
These lightweight full-body harnesses are designed with breathable
For extremely noisy environments. High-visibility yellow earmuffs with double-shell technology provide optimal protection
Reflective safety vest two horizontal stripes, two vertical stripes 100% polyester
Protect your eyes against UV and IR light.Wear comfortably with a two-way adjustable headband
We stock a variety of safety signs and posters.We can also design and produce safety signs and posters according to your requirement.
Available in high-visibility yellow Used by many in the chemical handling and petrochemical manufacturing
This advanced air mask features seven life-safety design components.Lightweight And Easy To Use

FIRE CABINETS-Fire Cabinets for Fire Hose Reels, Hose Racks, Extinguishers, etc.

Certified Accessories for Cabinets
PVC Hose Reel Cabinets
Fire Hose Rack Cabinets
Synthetic Hose Reel and Cabinets
Synthetic Hose and Extinguisher Cabinets
Custom Made Special Cabinets
Surface, Recessed or Semi-recessed Fire Extinguisher Cabinets

FIRE EXTINGUISHERS-Portable, Mobile and Modular types of Fire Extinguishers

Portable type Powder Fire Extinguishers
Portable type Foam Fire Extinguishers
Portable type Water Fire Extinguishers
Portable type Carbondioxide Fire Extinguishers
Mobile DCP, Stored Pressure type Fire Extinguishers
Mobile Foam Fire Extinguishers
Mobile CO2 Fire Extinguishers
Automatic Powder Fire Extinguishers
Automatic Foam Fire Extinguishers

SUPPRESSION SYSTYEMCO2 EXTINGUISHING SYSTEMS FIRE DOORS & FRAMES-Certified Fire Doors made of Cold rolled Steel, Galvanized Steel, or Stainless Steel.

Carbondioxide Fire Extinguishing System
Carbondioxide system extinguishes fire by reducing the oxygen content of the protected space and or local flame front to a point where it will not support combustion.
Oxygen reduction below 16% by volume will extinguish most fires.

FIRE HYDRANTS & CABINETS-Fire Hydrants and Cabinets. Dry Barrel Hydrant is UL Listed

Fire Doors and Frames
As part of our continuous strive for innovation, The fire doors and frames are manufactured in a totally automated plant which employs computer numerical controlled (CNC) machines and thus ensures uniform quality and superb finish.
fire doors are manufactured to comply with various architectural requirements. ’s fire rated doors are made of Cold Rolled Steel, Galvanized Steel, or Stainless Steel.
These doors are designed for areas where strength, stability and durability are priority. Typical applications include entrances to industrial premises, to shops service doors, to basements, to stairs wells and to elevator shafts. They are also widely used as dividing or external doors in electrical and petrochemical plants.
Types of Fire Doors on the basis of insulation
PSD: Polyurethane Steel DoorRSD: Rock Wool Steel DoorCSSD: Ceramic Stiffened Steel Door

FIRE PUMPSUL- Listed range of custom build fire pumps systems

Fire Hydrants
GLOBAL sees hydrants as a critical fire fighting product, which needs to serve its purpose without fail. Designed built and tested for dependability, We Provide UL/FM hydrant with smooth and optimum performance and highest quality.
fire hydrants are generally made in cast iron and in ductile iron too as per customer’s demand. Fire Hydrants are used in commercial centers, colleges, hospitals, shopping malls, etc.
Fire Hydrants, which are designed to be weatherproof, are normally equipped with hoses, hose nozzles, hydrant wrenches, spanner wrenches, fie axes, and flashing light, torch, etc as per customer’s requirements.

FOAM EQUIPMENTS-Monitor, Bladder Tank, Foam Master, etc.

Foam Equipment and Systems
We Provide Foam concentrate, bladder tank, Foam Master, Fixed and Portable Foam Fire Fighting Equipment, Monitor, Nozzles, etc.

VALVES-Fire Hydrant Valve, Breaching Inlet, etc

Landing Valves and Dry or Wet Riser Equipment
landing vales are manufactured strictly to relevant British Standards. They can be used in multi-story buildings where a fire fighting system should be available for fire brigade use.

FIRE BLANKET-Fire Blanket, BacPac, etc

Fire Fighting Equipment
GLOBAL FIRE is committed to achieve the highest level of quality in entire range of its products and services. GLOBAL FIRE Provides superior firefighting equipment accessories to meet the entire satisfaction of our valued customers.

ZONAL OFFICE - Lahore,Pakistan 
House # 25 St # 13 Madina Chowk Sabzazar
P.O. Box: 54780, Lahore 
Tel : +92-37496537

Head Office
5-b Gohar center Wahdat Road Lahore
Tel: +92-300-4133095

Rawalpindi Office
Office # 15 3rd Floor Moti Plaza Muree Road Rawalpindi
Tel : +92-51-5382831

Address & Contact

GLOBAL FIRE PROTECTION, H#25, S#13, Madina Chowk, Opposite Meezan Bank, Mehboob Park, A Block, Sabzazar, Lahore Pakistan
Contact Number:
Tel : +92-37496537 Mob:+92-322-4133095


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